About us

Apparel manufacturing is an extremely competitive
industry with huge barriers for new entrants and an
unforgiving market that does not provide second chances.



Ali Murtaza Associates was founded as a small trading concern in Karachi in 1986. Our first production facility was setup in 1990 in Karachi that paved the way for us to become a leading force in the global apparel industry. Today we are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of woven apparel in Pakistan. In 2007 we constructed a state of the art production facility in Lahore. The facility is capable of producing nearly 10 Million garments annually. Our most important asset is our human resource, we employ over 4000 persons. We produce for some of the largest fashion brands in the American and European retail markets.

Ali Murtaza Associates will lead the way in manufacturing excellence in the global textile market. We shall thrive with innovation, dedication, and superior service to continue to add value and become an integral part of our customers’ supply chain.

In the words of our founder and CEO Mr. Shahid Iqbal Khan

“Ethical behavior in all our dealings with our customers and vendors, a competitive product pricing structure, strong internal systems of product realization, investing in and caring for our people, coupled with long term strategic partnerships with our clients have been the key ingredients in AMA’s success”

LEADERSHIP:          Lead from the front and inspire others.
INTEGRITY:              Live and work by an ethical code of values and prove it in your dealings.
PEOPLE:                   Our company is our people and we would not have gotten this far without them.
INNOVATION:          Strive to create new products for our clients and improve efficiency in its execution.
RESPONSIBILITY:   Protect the environment and give back to the communities
QUALITY:                  A continuous pursuit